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“Gaining knowledge is the first step of wisdom, sharing is the first step of humanity”

Vizhi Academy is the brainchild of professionals who are passionate in training. This is a joint effort of professionals and expert trainers. Human life is common to all with different stages such as childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age. Through all the stages of life learning happens. But, success depends on how well we apply the knowledge gained and live in each stage. Although our external eyes give general sight, our inner eye provides the true vision for life. Vizhi Academy provides training to enhance knowledge and skills to all, from School Students to College Students, Job Seeker to Entrepreneur, Premarital Couple to Married Couple, Service Providers and Senior Citizens to realize their vision of life. Passionate experts from various professions give well-defined training to reach success in all walks of life. .

Training students of Govt. schools and colleges at Free of Cost shows not only our social responsibility but also paves way to contribute the growth of our nation in a small way.

Professionals + Expert Trainers = Excellent Training of Vizhi Academy.
Excellent Training of the Vizhi Academy + Effort = Continuing Success.


To Create a Better Society where Every Individual can Lead a Successful And Purposeful Life.


To Inculcate Life Skills that Enrich All Minds By Committed And experienced Trainers Through Well-Crafted Training Programs.

Skill Development Courses


Are you not where you want to be in life ?
Are you sure where you want to be?
Are you moving towards where you want to be?

Vizhi Academy provides answers to all the above questions by professionally committed and experienced trainers at affordable cost.

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